Continental Bulldog (Continentale Bulldogge) is a beautiful dog breed. As a kennel we have an influence on its development, health and character. It’s a big responsibility. Therefore, it is not only the appearance that is important to us. We focus mainly on the health of puppies and dogs. From the role of breeders, we can influence health primarily in one way and that is the careful selection of parents of puppies.

We are looking for such stud dogs for our females, so that they are suitable not only for their overall body type and appearance. We also want the character to be as balanced as possible. But the first criterion we have is always excellent health results. For us, the health of the breed is not just a phrase. We hope that it´s evident when looking at the health results of both parents of our previous litters of puppies. In the case of each litter, it meant a several days´ trip to Switzerland. We went on the trip happily, because we knew that we couldn´t find a more suitable stud dog elsewhere. After some time passed, we are more and more convinced that we made the right choices.

Our Contis are mainly our friends. Puppies are not born very often in our kennel. We want our females to remain healthy and vital, so we decided the maximum for each of them are three litters. And that´s only in case they are perfectly fine.

We do our best to choose the ideal families for our puppies. That´s why we like to be in contact with serious interested persons for some longer time in advance. This way we have the opportunity to get to know each other a bit. And also it´s important to exchange ideas about their planned life with a Continental Bulldog. If our visions intersect, we are happy to advise on choosing the ideal puppy especially according to the suitable character. This is one of the reasons why we don´t do reservations for puppies before the actual litter nor in the first few weeks of life. We postpone the choice until the 4-5 weeks of age of the puppies when, at least in the case of Continental Bulldogs, basic personality traits become stable and visible.