Something about us and our dogs

Who we are?

There are already seven of us at home. Lucie, Michal, our little Natalie and four muzzles – Hugo, Debi, Matilda and Kaia. Natalie was born in summer 2020 and all the dogs were completely excited about her, including the puppy Kaia. We live in a family house, around which we have an estate that we are still reluctant to call a garden, although it will soon become a garden. Even dogs will certainly appreciate to have more shade when they are outside during hot summer and a more pleasant environment where they can play. However they all live with us at home under the roof and it will always stay this way. Their pet beds are distributed all over the house, and also our sofa is actually one big pet bed. The only place the are not allowed to is our own bed, everything else is theirs. But they still usually hang out around us.

Always together

dogs came to us to be our friends and at the beginning we made a
decision that there will always be only as many of them as will fit
in the car with us. Well, our resolution got a bit complicated with
the birth of Natalie, who (although little) will take up most of our
car with all her equipment… So far, we have bought a roof box for
her stram, so that at least two dogs can travel with us. And in the
near future we plan to buy a bigger car, where more of us would fit. We
like to take our dogs with us on trips, visits and in fact wherever
possible. They’re family members, so why should they wait for us at
home when they can come with us, right?

Dogshows and trips

Just like many other enthusiastic dog owners, in the beginning we were lured into dog exhibitions. So we traveled and were successful, won several „champion“ titles with our dogs…  just to find out that the titles are basically worthless and that we actually don´t like the exhibitions at all. They are not important even for breeding so we told ourselves – why lose our time at exhibitions? Those who like them, they can happily keep attendig them. As for us, there is far greater chance of finding us somewhere in a forest or hills with our dogs and a camera. Because dogs, nature and a camera – that´s an amazing combination!

Why Continental Bulldogs?

If someone is interested why we chose specifically the Continental Bulldog breed, it´s very simple. They are both beautiful characters and beautiful dogs, a bit distinctive and very kind. In our eyes, Continental Bulldog is a vital breed with passion for life and that´t why we would like to contribute to the breed with connections of such dogs, that not only can laze at their masters´ feet, but that also love sport, excercie and enjoy training. So that everyone can enjoy life together.