What do we say about Continental Bulldogs

It has been a long time since we first got interested in Continental Bulldogs. We have managed to meet a lot of them until today. The most interesting part is that each of them has a different nature. And sometimes theit behaviour differs surprisingly a lot. Nevertheless, it is possible to find certain characteristic, in which all individuals are similar.

They're excited about everything

One of the common characteristic is inclination to enthusiasm. Continental Bulldogs are very immediate and enthusiastic animals. Give them a reason for hilarity and they will reward you with a great surge of joy. Masters came home? Hooray! We are going out to play with our dog friends? Hooray! We are expecting a visit? Hooray! Those unknown children want to cuddle us? Three times hooray!

Their joy is enormous

But immediacy and joy has it more complicated side. Joy of an enthusiastic bulldog is very difficult to restrain. When bulldogs rejoice, then with all their heart, naturally. Weaker personailites and lighter weights must be protected from bulldogs’s happiness at first, because bulldogs are rather vehement animals, and when accidentally manage to topple someone over, the joy even increases. And then it’s the best fun! Fortunately, this tremendous enthusiasm does not last too long and gradually changes to good mood that bulldogs have enough to give away.

They love people

A has been suggested, Continental Bulldogs love people. And they do so very much. Getting to know another and another new friends is a great reward for them. They can twist off their tails waving and dry up their tougues licking with happiness. Even greater joy will come when also children come to visit. These dogs simply adore visits and would rather welcome new visits three times a day. Walks can sometimes get a little more complicated because “the passerby smiled and greeted, so it’s understandable that we have to come and greet him too”. That makes sense, right?

They love dogs

Not only human friends keep bulldogs alive. And so we can also label their relationship with other dogs as warmhearted. In this cacse, however, there are more differences between individuals. Some go meet new friends without hesitation, simply “let’s jump onto them and let’s play!”. Others are much more cautious at first, and get to know unknown or little-known dogs much more slowly. It should be added that Continental Bulldog is still a dog, and therefore the relationship to other dogs can be (and often is) fundamentally influenced by upbringing. Even a dog with friendly genes is possible (whether from ignorance or due to insufficient / inappropriate socialization and care) to be raised to a fearful animal, hostile to other animals. On the contrary, even from a timid animal it is possible to raise a friendly and kind dog. Nevertheless, the basis of the breed is what it is – Continental Bulldogs like other dogs very much, they just differ in the speed in which they get to know their new friends.

Various cuddly and stubborn

There are even bigger differences in willingness to cuddle. Some dogs would love to cuddle constantly, lying on their masters’ legs and wallow around all day. Others just want their masters to scratch them, they even come to tell they would like some scratching, but that’s about it, they don’t want any more physical contact than that.

Significant differences can also be found in pigheadedness of individual dogs. If pigheadedness shoone, with some dogs one wouldn’t even notice that it is already night. Such dogs want to go when we want to stand still. They insist on standing still when we want to go. If we want them to enter to the room, they run away from it. And if we don’t want to let them in, their only worry is how to get in. This creates a lot of cute situations that won’t be forgotten. But it is always possible to make it the good way, kind attitude leads to agreement in the end. And also, not every Continental Bulldog is so stubborn. Plenty of them are vvery willing to listen to their owners and try their best to fulfil their owners’ wishes. In this aspect, each dog is an original.

Work page

A very interesting chapter is diligence, or rather willigness of the breed to work. These dogs love to work, they love various activities and any cooperation with their masters. NAturally, nothing is free, but that’t way it is with dogs. Titbits disappear very quickly and Continental Bulldogs enthusiastically carry our one command agter another, they even keep telling they want another commands. They happily ovevrcome any obstacle and plunge themselves into any new activity with enthusiasm. For many trainers, it is a big surprise how bright and perceptive these creatures can be, hiding under a frowning and often seemingly uninterester expression. Although this breed will probably not be usually purchased primarily for sport cynology, good to know that in most disciplines these dogs will definitely not be lost and will do any activity with great pleasure.

Intelligence and willingness to cooperate

There is a connection between willingness to cooperate and intelligence. Sometimes intelligence is confused with agility and speed with which a dog can carry our certain task. We perceive intelligence rather as the ability to understand a whole new task, a new context. Continental bulldogs are not suitable for endless drilling of the same tasks again and again, they do not have enogh patience for extremely repetitive tasks, they wouldn’t enjoy it.

Conversely, learning various new activities, explaining new tasks these dogs love. It’s enough to show them once, for the second time they already know very well what they are asked for. Continental Bulldogs are intelligent dogs, there is no doubt.

Lazy or an athlete?

It would be a big mistake not to write about Continental Bulldogs are demanding on exercise and movement in general. Because this attribute depicts the beauty of this breed. If the owner is a very active person, their ulldog will be excited to do any activity, sport, walk, run, play, go for excursion, swim, hunt. The dog will welcome virtually any activity. And if the owner is lazy, their bulldogs will be very happy to laze aout with them. Continental Bulldogs are neither die-hard athletes that could not stand still for a second, nor complete idlers that would not get up from bed all day. They are dogs that adapt to the rythm of the day of their masters.