Appolo z Orvetu “Hugo”

birth: 18. 3. 2016


ED: 0

height: 47 cm

weight: 30 kg

underbite: 10 mm

teeth: P1 lower left missing


About Hugo

We first bought Hugo (Appolo from Orvet) from a Czech breeder. An extremely cute puppy from which a beautiful dog grew up, now almost three years old. He is our self-willed good guy. But it has not always been easy with him. As a little puppy, he loved action only. Whichever action. It was useless to entice him with treats, as well as he succesfully ignored our enthusiasm. “Just let me play with other dogs! I will knock them down and they will be happy!” It must be said that not all the other dogs were as enthusiastic as he was from his demolition games. But when he met an equal partner, they were unstoppable. In the end, he has grown up from his puppy madness and these days he is mostly sensible to talk to. It is is true that “if I do not want to, I will not go” and “if I want to, I just will go”, but in the end, it is possible to convince him, at least most of the time.

He loves people and especially children. So when someone comes to see us with children, we have to restrain Hugo for a while so that he can’t tumble them with his enthusiasm. But after a while, when the initial enthusiasm fades a bit, Hugo lets the children scratch him endlessly and is happy.

He also loves training and enjoys commands very much. Now we are working on patience, because immediately after executing a command he needs to execute another one. We will try to pass an obedience trial with him, and are convinced he will do fine. If someone fails, it will be us, not him.

Hugo is a dog that gives the impression of a proud and brave dog. But in fact he is a very sensitive soul. He is extremely good-hearted and loves everything alive, which can sometimes complicate the situation when walking on a leash. 🙂 Cats, hedgehogs, lizards, all of which are among the most interesting in the world. Hugo is just a dog of contradictions. Stubborn but good-natured, sensitive but obstinate, eager but impatient. He’s a peculiar personality and we love him for his character.

He is a a bulldog as it should be.