Pink Sky’s A Million Dollar Girl “Matilda”

birth: 7. 2. 2017


ED: 0

height: 46,5 cm

weight: 22 kg

underbite: 12 mm

teeth: full teeth

cystinurie: N/N


CMR1: N/cmr

lokus-B: B/B

exams: ZOP, OB-Z


About Matilda

Matilda (Pink Sky’s A Million Dollar Girl) entered our home as a third dog shortly after Debi. She too came from a German breeder from litter A. As a puppy she was growing up among Boston terriers and it is true that there really is something from a terrier in her character. She is fast both in judgment and motion. She is extremely intelligent, bright, alert, has a tendency to guard and is a bit greedy. 🙂

She most loves her masters without whom she can not live. She needs to be with us constantly, which during  the first weeks with us she let us know very loudly, especially when she could not see us during the night, when we were in bed. We had to overcome this period, which fortunately succeeded and Matilda just needs to know she will see us again in the morning. When we go away and we do not take her with us, she gets upset for a while, but after our arrival she is the world’s happiest dog. And in order to be able to deal with this joy, it is necessary to have a toy or a bone in the mouth, which makes sense, doesn’t it?After all, she keeps dragging the toys around the house very often. And she does not really like sharing her toys, she is our little miser. 🙂

To her satisfaction she needs action, a bit of fighting games and a good run. She loves training just like Hugo, Debi and Kaia. She is extraordinarily thoughtful, and what other dogs take many trials to understand, Matilda fathoms for the first time. She has successfully passed her first obedience exam ZOP, OBZ and we are preparing for another exams soon. With Matilda we are not afraid of the trial at all.

And just as fast she is in thinking, she also is in running. She is the fastest and most agile Continental Bulldog we have ever seen, but the breeder says she has inherited it after her mother. Besides, her father is very agile too. Sometimes we almost doubt that she is a bulldog – for example, when playing with shepherds or terriers, Matilda is the quick one, she is unbelievable. In stubbornness competition, she would end up third. Matilda is simply not as self-willed as Hugo or Debi. She can be talked into doing amost anything. After all, the masters are the best in the world! Matilda is our athlete who loves us more than anything in the world, besides action games. 

Although sometimes her games can hurt a little. 🙂