Debi passed her first ZOP exam :-)

Debi is our skilful girl! 🙂 On 14th July 2020 she managed to pass her first exam – ZOP (exam of dog´s controllability). She got 90 points out of 100. It´s the entrance exam of Czech kynology union.

She was great to work with despite the sun was high and shining and the temperature was 32°C. The weather was really sticky but we got over it and throughout the whole exam we really had fun together. 🙂 And we are even more happy knowing that Debi got more points than some more ´working´ breed dogs. Contis can definitely be trained with success! 🙂

Matilda passed this exam in November 2019. Debinka finally caught up and now both girls can train together to get ready for their next exam – ZZO (exam of basic controllability), this time under the National exam rules. The ZZO exam is also quite a bit more difficult to pass so there´s a lot of work in front of us. We hope to bring some good news in the Autumn. 😉

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