Bogotá licensed in Switzerland

We are very happy that a puppy from our kennel, a daughter of Matilda, was approved for breeding directly in Switzerland – the home of Continental Bulldog. In Switzerland, licensing a Conti for breeding is a very thorough and careful procedure. It lasts about an hour, all parameters are evaluated and measured according to the standard, there is also a character test as a part of it. Bogotá (now Maeve) managed everything with a very nice result. 

She is a lean female, harmonious as a whole, received praise for her beautiful movement and after the end of the character test she earned a round of applause. We are very pleased with such success and it is a certain assurance for us that our work in breeding does make sense.

A huge Thank you goes to the owner of Maeve, our good friend Katalin. This is first and foremost her success.

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