Puppies are in the world!

It´s finaly here. On 26th March 2019 Debi gave life to 9 puppies. We were expecting six, what a surprise! 6 girls and 3 boys, all of them have nice long tails. They are beautiful, at least for us. Debi is getting better and better in taking care of them which makes us happy.

The little ones are doing well. Since birth they have been gaining weight and they apparently love to eat. Even if they are little, they move with surprising speed within the whelping box. Sometimes they get stuck somewhere so we have to keep searching for them. 🙂 

We will regularly add photos and videos from the puppies´ and Debi´s life. You can always find them on the “Litter A” page, the link is below. Do you want to see them? 🙂

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