Our story in OTBA Magazine

Some time ago, we were contacted by a lady from OTBA Magazine. She liked our photograps of our dogs, so she asked us if she could use some of the photos in the magazine. Of course, we were happy about that and agreed immediately. But we were even more enthusiastic when she asked for our written story, too. We were expected to write about how we met Contis, our life with them and our overall Conti experience. We had a lot of work to do. Write a story, translate it into two languages, and worst of all, there was a deadline. 🙂

Eventually, we managed to put our story together on paper, and we just kept looking impatiently at the mailbox for the promissed printed issue to arrive. Once the mail arrived, we unpacked, read, and (how typical for us) took photos of it. 🙂

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